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Press Release: Optimo Pathfinder Updates Its Class-Leading Financial Modelling Software. Read More.

PRESS RELEASE: Optimo Pathfinder updates it’s class leading financial modelling software

The next generation of financial modelling is here. Optimo Pathfinder has been designed specifically for financial advisers to reduce the burden of complex financial calculations and streamline the strategy-development process.

Modelling a client’s financial future has never been easier. 

Using advanced Linear Programming Algorithms, the financial engineers behind Optimo Pathfinder have developed the latest in financial software. It simultaneously evaluates multiple financial scenarios and considers thousands of variables to determine the optimal financial strategy while keeping within the legislation, assumptions and client’s goals. 

Pathfinder handles the aspects of financial advice that matter to an adviser’s client.  Finding a strategy that meets the needs of the client is the foundation of providing good advice and with Optimo Pathfinder, this complex modelling does not need to be time-consuming.

The financial advisory profession is struggling to deal with increased compliance, increased educational hurdles and declining adviser numbers; all at a time when quality financial advice is more important than ever.

Pathfinder enables financial advisers to provide high-quality financial strategies, backed with comprehensive reports, while also removing the time-consuming number-crunching. It does all this in a fraction of the time of traditional analysis methods, saving time and costs.

As Michelle Bannister, CEO, says, “Our customers love this product because it saves them hours of number crunching. Getting to the best strategy faster means they can spend more time helping their clients understand the value of their advice.”

The algorithms driving Pathfinder come from the lifetime experience of Optimo Financial’s principals, Hugh Bannister and Dr. Ken Stocks. With over 30 years of experience in mathematical optimisation and financial model design, their expertise led to the development of Optimo Pathfinder in 2009. 

“Our financial engineers are continually working to keep the software up to date with the latest changes in Australian legislation. We are confident our modelling software is the most comprehensive on the market” says Michelle.

We are proud to unveil our updated Optimo Pathfinder financial modelling software. 

Optimo Pathfinder is currently offering a free trial for financial advisers to experience the software.

About Optimo Financial

Optimo Pathfinder is the next generation of financial modelling, designed specifically for Australian financial advisers. Pathfinder allows advisers to develop and compare multiple financial strategies within minutes. With cutting-edge optimisation and built-in legislation, it removes the burden of time-consuming modelling and report creation. Easy to use and easy to understand, it saves hours of manual work and allows financial planners to turnaround financial strategies in a fraction of the time.


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