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Strategy Presentations

Eliminate the rework and engage your clients

Save time on SOA production and re-work with interactive strategy sessions and strategy papers

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The Benefits of Presenting Strategies with Pathfinder

The strategy is the part of financial advice that clients really care about. When they enlist your services, they are putting their financial future in your hands. Because of that, it’s reasonable for them to want to see how you’ve reached your conclusions and make suggestions.

Until Pathfinder, many advisors wanted to avoid discussing strategy with their clients because they didn’t have the right tools to compare and make adjustments in real time.

Now, with the power of comprehensive, optimised modelling, you can involve your clients in the strategy process without being afraid of losing valuable time.

Engage Your Clients

Pathfinder’s powerful optimisation engine makes strategy presentation meetings with clients possible.

A strategy session shows your clients that you’ve taken the time to understand them, so they will appreciate the value of your advice. Then, with a simple click of a button, create a client-ready strategy paper that contains charts and graphs that comprehensively summarise your strategy. 

Reduce Rework Costs

By comparing scenarios in a strategy session with a client, they can be assured that the strategy they choose is the optimal one.

This secures your clients’ buy-in before the SOA stage, saving your paraplanner from future rework where the client could change their mind.