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A simple software solution for complex financial modelling

Financial Modelling Software
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Pathfinder financial planning software reduces the manual back-office time spent on financial strategy modelling, so you can help your clients meet their goals and make your business more profitable.

Easy step-by-step interface

Optimo Pathfinder financial modelling software helps evolve your financial practice and earn more revenue through better client conversations and more comprehensive financial solutions.

Financial Planning Software

A client-driven financial modelling software.

Optimo Pathfinder allows you to focus on what you do best, so you can build stronger client relationships, provide well-informed financial advice and improve the overall experience.

Make financial strategy modelling work for you.

Optimo Pathfinder’s quick and easy to use financial modelling software allows you to create comprehensive financial strategies and run multiple scenarios and projections up to 20 years.

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Free your time to focus on what matters most.

Optimo Pathfinder is designed to align with your processes and is flexible to adapt to your procedures, so it easily integrates into your tried and tested method.

Populate data fields

Create scenarios based on your client’s goals

Present strategies to your client

Adjust strategies accordingly

Generate your final advice

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