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Pathfinder can model a wide range of items, and keeps within the Australian legislative environment, however there are some limitations.

To see the scope of Pathfinder’s modelling, please see Pathfinder’s modelling options.

You can register for a free trial here

No credit card is required.

When you register, you can then sign up for a free 14-day trial subscription.  In your free trial, you can use all of Pathfinder’s modelling features, including entering a case from scratch, solving multiple scenarios and downloading documents.

At the end of your 14-day free trial, your cases will be locked and you won’t be able to add more cases.  To continue using Pathfinder, you can contact us to start a subscription or buy single cases.

Optimo Financial offers a range of help and training resources, including:

  • Pathfinder help – there is help text throughout Pathfinder’s interface to guide you through the process.
  • Online help documentation – Pathfinder has comprehensive online help documentation here
  • Email support – You can email if you have questions.
  • Live demonstration – we are happy to give you an introduction to Optimo Pathfinder and how it can benefit your business. You can book a demo here

To buy a single case or start a subscription:
1. Login to Pathfinder here
2. On the home page, click the ‘Add New Case’ button, this will take you to the page where you can purchase cases. If you are not taken to a payment page, it is either because you have a free trial case, or you have already purchased cases.

We accept Mastercard, Visa and American Express.

Limitations on adding cases:

  • When you purchase a single case, you have 1 year to add the case
  • When you have a subscription, you can add cases provided you have an active, paid subscription

Limitations on editing cases (after you add it):

  • Once you add a case, you can edit it for 90 days. After this, the case will be locked and you can no longer edit it, but you can still view the case and download documents. You will receive an email in the week before the case is due to be locked. On the home page of Pathfinder, you can see how many days you have left to edit a case.
  • If you have a subscription and cancel it, then your cases will be locked when the subscription ends.

We understand that sometimes things can take longer than expected, please contact us if you need to edit your case after it is locked. We can unlock your case and check if any updates need to be made. Please note that additional charges may apply to unlock a case, we will let you know before we do so.
We reserve the right to refuse a request to unlock a case.

If you have previously completed a case in Pathfinder, and your clients have returned for a review, then you can add a new case, and then contact support and ask us to copy your previous case data to a new case. This allows you to keep the original case for reference and lets our support team check that that copy has the latest background data for the case (assumptions, technical details, etc).

Pathfinder includes default assumptions for the economy (e.g. CPI, AWOTE), interest rates, and asset class performance (e.g. returns for Australian equities, property growth, etc). In a case, you can edit many of these assumptions or choose a profile that is close to your preferred values. We also offer customised assumptions for your company account on request. View the full list of defaults and assumptions here

We can make custom assumptions for your organisation so that your preferred values are pre-filled instead of the default Optimo Pathfinder values.

View more information on how to see and edit the assumptions here

View the Optimo Financial Default Assumptions here 

We can create an organisation account for your business and add more logins for your support staff and other advisers in your organisation. Logins are free of charge and we encourage you to request a login for each person who will be using Pathfinder, rather than sharing logins.

Please contact us If you would like to create additional logins, or merge trial logins under a single organisation.

Optimo Pathfinder only includes legislation that has been passed in both houses of parliament and received Royal Assent from the Governor General. Once this is done, we do our best to update changes in Pathfinder promptly. If passed legislation includes changes that apply in the future, for example, new tax thresholds that will apply in five years’ time or future indexation of the super contributions caps, Pathfinder includes the legislation in your projections.

Updates to Pathfinder are published in our help documentation release page here

We have developed an incoming Partner API allowing your data to be pushed to Optimo Pathfinder in preparation of creating strategies.
We are working on an export API from which the results can be send to your platform of choice.

Contact our Support Team for more information regarding the Partner API.

At the moment it is not possible to import or export data between Optimo Pathfinder and XPLAN. However, we offer the option to use our API to create your own API connection between your version of XPLAN and Optimo Pathfinder.

Others who prefer Pathfinder’s modelling over XPLAN’s and have successfully integrated Pathfinder into their business processes, while continuing to use XPLAN for their customer relationship management.

Pathfinder is superior to spreadsheet modelling as it produces the best solution in relation to the input data rather than requiring you to work out the strategy first and then input the numbers for a simple projection.

Also, with your own spreadsheets, when legislation changes you need to spend more time updating your spreadsheets, but with Pathfinder, we do that for you.