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XY Adviser - 5 Part Series Delivering Advice Differently

In this first instalment, we start high-level and discuss The Evolution of Advice Delivery, covering where we have come from, and how that has shaped our mindsets and limitations of what advice could be in the future.

In this episode we talk about Separating Strategy from Product. From sales-based industry to professional advice “as a product”, and how all the stakeholders (from regulators to advisers and clients) are benefiting from this approach.

In this episode we tackle Using Visuals for Engagement. From visuals, graphs and mud-maps to realising this is part of something bigger, in Adult Learning Styles, and how to encourage your clients to lean in and engage in the decisions you make together.

In this fourth instalment, we discuss Demonstration of Understanding and how it can empower clients. This is a huge topic, from your professional obligations to get informed consent, to helping the non-CFO in client couples.

In this final episode, we take on creating a Client-Centric Advice Process rather than a Compliance Directed Advice process, where we discuss clients’ “memorable moments” and the Pub or BBQ test, as well as not applying “technology efficiencies” to “speed up” a bad client experience.