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Press Release: Optimo Pathfinder Updates Its Class-Leading Financial Modelling Software. Read More.

Why choose Pathfinder

Fast, comprehensive financial modelling, so you focus on what you do best.

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Built for forward-thinking Australian financial services professionals, Optimo Pathfinder offers you a better way to provide more client value by augmenting your operations and revolutionising your approach.

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Transform your service

Pathfinder is your complete financial strategy modelling solution that runs multiple scenarios for every case, saving hours of manual work, impressing clients with turnaround times, reducing inefficiencies and improving the profitability of your service.  

Stay up to date with your Strategy Summary Dashboard

Intuitive and up-to-date

Created specifically to support your well-established process, Pathfinder empowers your team to have more-informed client conversations that they’ll appreciate, with everything just a click away, from the latest changes in legislation to strategy updates, financial scenarios and more.

Compare up to six different financial scenarios at once.

Set up and start

No difficult learning curves or confusion. With an experienced support team just a call away, comprehensive training resources and a simple process from start to finish, your team will make the most of efficient financial modelling.

Create engaging documents and reports with ready-to-go templates

Make a lasting impression

Retain more clients and turn them into advocates of your service by impressing them with your practical and valuable approach to their goals. Pathfinder gives your team comprehensive and visual reports, action items and a step-by-step guide that guides without overwhelming.

Demonstrate your expertise

With Pathfinder, you can shift your conversations to focus on the entire financial well-being and goals of your clients. By showing them how their objectives can be achieved and advising on each variable scenario, you can increase your value and create more opportunities to manage their wealth.

More time with your clients

Pathfinder is the only software on the Australian market that does comprehensive modelling using an industrial-grade optimiser, so you can focus your financial advice expertise and time where it counts while Pathfinder crunches the numbers for you, fast.

Outstanding tailored value

Make Pathfinder fit your model, with flexible pricing and competitive value, no set-up costs and no lock-in contracts. Now you have end-to-end reports and fast scenario analysis to give you control and clarity over your growing business.

Purpose-built for all forward-thinking financial professionals

Whether you’re a team of Financial Advisers, Accountants, Mortgage Brokers or Property Advisers, Pathfinder is your complete financial strategy solution, removing the burden of manual modelling and reports.

Financial Advisers

  • Reduces the burden of compliance with an evidence-based process.
  • Supports your recommended strategies with detailed reports.
  • Engage and educate your clients with live modelling to demonstrate your approach.
  • Encourage client buy-in with your financial advice.
  • Perform client reviews easily by updating new data and re-calculating a new strategy. 
  • Retain more clients with long-term projections


  • Provide fast client support with cash flow reports to help with budgeting.
  • Model financial scenarios fast so you can discuss investment options with clients.
  • Create detailed financial reports with tax calculations and rules to make it easy.
  • Rest assured that Optimo Financial is independent of any product providers.

Mortgage Brokers & Property Advisers

  • Prepare for meetings and perform calculations before contacting lenders.
  • Support clients with the financial organisation to prepare for investing
  • Determine client borrowing capacity and repayments fast.
  • Provide more-informed advice around long-term property purchases.
  • Compare scenarios with a range of interest rates easily.