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How Pathfinder Works

A simple, streamlined process that generates comprehensive results for your clients, improves your financial strategy modelling efficiencies and expands your capacity.

Straightforward software designed to save you time

Pathfinder revolutionises the way that you provide advice to your clients – offering a quick and simple platform to determine the optimal financial strategies for their needs, based on their current situation.


With all of your financial strategy modelling done in a fraction of the time, you have more time to spend growing your business, enriching client relationships and supporting your team.

Five simple steps

Populate data fields

Easily enter or import client data directly into Pathfinder from one of our partner platforms.

Create scenarios based on your client’s goals

Easily compare up to six scenarios with different goals, assumptions and proposed strategies, offering a range of options and advice.

Present strategies to your client

Present a ‘strategy comparison’ document to your client with reduced turnaround times which allows them to ask questions and make an informed decision.

Adjust strategies accordingly

Simply enter any client changes and add new scenarios or recalculate existing ones with the click of a button.

Generate your final advice

Once your client is satisfied with their chosen strategy, create the necessary documents and reports using Pathfinder templates or export the results to a partner platform.

Future client reviews made simple.

If your client returns for a review, simply contact your Optimo Financial support team to copy the previous year’s case data to a new case, so you can update it with the latest data and continue modelling.

Welcome to a better way.

With Pathfinder, providing high-quality financial advice is as easy as it gets, allowing you to focus on your clients and achieve their financial goals.