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Pathfinder Features

Explore the list of included features that make Optimo Pathfinder the best and most comprehensive financial strategy modelling choice for financial service professionals.

Smart, Simple User Interface

With many of the same steps as your typical client fact finder process, Pathfinder aligns with your current approach to provide a more streamlined experience for both you and your clients.

Flexible input

Easily model planned or speculative changes in your client’s financial situation with the capability to change values year by year.

Intelligent goal setting

Calculate a feasible value to meet your client’s goals – or let Pathfinder do it for you, fast so you can focus more on what you do best.

Strategy optimisation

Pathfinder performs millions of calculations based on your data and modelling options to test outcomes and create the best strategies for your client moving forward.

Comprehensive Reporting

The results of Pathfinder’s unique optimisation process are laid out in a variety of simple yet detailed reports, all ready for client presentations on your terms.

Engaging overview

Provide your clients with an easy-to-understand summary of each strategy scenario which you can use to explain your approach and advise on the ideal choice for their circumstances.

Written in plain English

Simple, straightforward language ensures your clients understand the details and actionable items of their reports within the context of each strategy, without being overwhelmed.

Scenario comparison

Compare up to six different financial scenarios at once to understand the projected outcomes of different client goals and assumptions, so you can present these easily.

Time-saving templates

Create engaging documents and reports with ready-to-go templates in Microsoft Word format – allowing you to easily edit before you present them or copy sections into your own templates.

Financial Modelling Software

Wide Scope of Modelling

Pathfinder can model a range of financial investments and instruments, including Assets, Liabilities, Superannuation, Retirement and Cash Flow for both singles and couples in one intuitive financial module for up to 20 years.