About Optimo Pathfinder

Create superior strategies covering all aspects
of your client's specific situation.

What is Pathfinder

Optimo Pathfinder is an online financial strategy development platform for Australian financial professionals who want to create comprehensive financial strategies for their clients. Optimo Pathfinder requires input data consisting of the current financial status of the client, future or recommended investments, lifestyle goals and personal preferences.

Optimo Pathfinder uses a robust and sophisticated mathematical optimisation process to produce holistic, optimised financial strategies tailored to your client’s situation and goals. Optimo Pathfinder requires input data consisting of the current financial status of the client, future or recommended investments, lifestyle goals and personal preferences. From this input, Pathfinder then works out the best strategy within minutes using an industrial grade optimiser and its patented algorithm. The algorithm has all the government and market rules built-in so the strategy not only keeps within these rules but takes best advantage of them. The optimiser performs literally millions of calculations and moves funds dynamically to test the outcome of each decision, year-by-year, it will find the best path to reach the client’s goals and maximise their financial outcome. The mathematical optimisation within Pathfinder produces high quality financial strategies consistently and efficiently.

A further advantage of Pathfinder’s optimisation process is that it covers all aspects of the clients’ specific situation. The strategy is calculated holistically, rather than in separate modules. For example, in a single case it can find the best balance between directly owned assets and a SMSF while also accounting for transition-to-retirement and working out whether any loan repayments should be above the minimum. It works out each strategy based on the specific input data to create a tailored strategy and does not follow trends or biases. Pathfinder takes the guesswork out of strategy development.


How it works



Enter your client’s current financial situation, their goals and your strategy options to achieve these goals. Vary the elements of each strategy as many times as you like, creating multiple scenarios that you can compare. The initial information entry about your client’s current financial position is simple and looks very similar to a standard factfinder document. Once all data is entered you simply click the 'Start Solve' button and our industrial grade optimiser will start the optimisation process and calculations in real-time. Once the calculation process is finished (usually in a matter of minutes) the results are there instantly and ready for you to review and compare.
Any scenario can be converted and downloaded as an easy to read Strategy Document in MS Word format. Each Strategy Paper automatically includes: 

  • an extensive Cashflow tables 
  • year by year action items
  • investment and Super/SMSF reports
  • Tax reporting
  • Property investment reporting
  • a multitude of charts and tables
  • up to 20 years of projections.


Easy to Use

Optimo Pathfinder is an online platform that runs on PCs and tablets and requires no connection to any bank accounts. All you need to get started is to have the Google Chrome Internet browser installed.

The friendly interface allows you to do your modelling in preparation for your meeting, or, you may wish to collaborate with your clients and have them review the scenarios with you as you create them, either in your office, or via and online meeting through screen sharing software.

Modelling options

Using its unique optimisation process, Pathfinder can quickly and easily model strategies for a wide range of customer needs. 
Click here to view the full list of modelling options.

User-friendly results

You can get an overview of the results with our plain English strategy summary and action items for every year of the analysis. And if you want to get down to the nitty gritty, we’ve got more detailed results tables than you can poke a stick at.

Download documents

You can download separate documents containing:

  • The input data
  • A strategy paper for your clients to review – it includes the assumptions used, a summary section, action items for the first 3 years (plus some noteworthy longer term ones) and a selection of detailed report tables
  • A draft SOA – pre-filled with the strategy and input data and ready for you to fill in with the details required by your Dealer Group and compliance officer.