How Pathfinder Works

A clear explanation about how Pathfinder works.

Easy data entry

Pathfinder has the same steps you see in a normal fact find, and has extensive data validations to help ensure that your data is complete and correct.

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Flexible inputs

Our smart series builder lets you change values year-by-year for anything from cash flows to voluntary super contributions.

For example, you can model a change from part-time to full time work.

Set goals the smart way

Pathfinder’s flexible modelling options easily build a strategy to fit your clients’ goals. You can choose options to let Pathfinder calculate a feasible value for you, or you can enter the values you already have in mind.

For example, if your clients want to pay off their mortgage early, just set the year and Pathfinder will calculate an affordable year-by-year schedule of repayments.

A sophisticated robot

When setting goals for each item in a case, if you see the robot icon, it means Pathfinder can calculate the value for you. The robot option produces a strategy that keeps within all the legislation, cash flows and constraints of the case.

For example, if you let Pathfinder calculate voluntary super contributions, it will make contributions while ensuring all expenses and goals can be met and keeping within all the caps and other legislation. It can even work out if the individual would benefit most from making the contributions before or after-tax.

An industrial-grade optimiser

Pathfinder’s unique optimisation process quickly models strategies for a wide range of customer needs. It performs literally millions of calculations and moves funds dynamically to test the outcome of each decision, year-by-year.

All the results you need 

From simple charts to comprehensive report tables, Pathfinder’s results can be used for everything from client meetings to checking the robustness of the modelling.

An engaging and comprehensive overview

At the strategy summary step, each item has a combination of short dot points and simple charts so you can review each item at a glance and give your clients a simple overview without overwhelming them.

For example, the ‘Build super’ summary shows you whether or not voluntary super contributions are made, and how close they are to the caps.

Action Items in plain English

Our interactive cash flows report shows action items in plain English for each year. They give you more context for the strategy and can help clients understand which rules apply to their situation.

For example, when a home is purchased the action item also includes the projected deposit, borrowing and acquisition costs action_items.jpg

Detailed reports

For more information about the calculations, you can view the detailed reports for everything from Tax estimates, assets and income tests for the Age Pension and superannuation transfer balance caps.

Compare scenarios

You can compare the outcomes of different goals or assumptions by copying scenarios and adjusting them.

For example, you can compare the projected impact of retiring earlier or later or different investment options, or both.  You can even run a ‘do nothing’ scenario as a baseline to show the value of your recommended strategy. You can create unlimited scenarios and the charts compare up to six scenarios..

Great documents

Reduce the amount of time it takes to create an engaging document to present to your clients with our out-of-the box templates that include charts, summaries, action items and detailed reports. Documents are in MS Word format so you can edit them before presenting to your client or even copy relevant sections to your own templates.
Our default templates don’t require any set-up and you can choose from:

  • Input data – download the current situation data, and turn it into your fact find
  • Strategy paper – summaries, charts and action items, plus a selection of detailed reports. 
  • SOA foundation – input data and results which acts as a foundation for you to complete your SOA.
  • Strategy Overview – A landscape document with charts and summaries.
  • Strategy comparison -  if you run multiple scenarios, you can download a document comparing your selected scenarios.


Download a sample Strategy Document here.