About Optimo Financial

How it started, the founders and history of Optimo Financial.

About Optimo Financial

Optimo Financial's principals, Hugh Bannister and Dr. Ken Stocks, began business life as mathematical modellers. For over 30 years they have used mathematical optimisation techniques to build energy and financial models and provide advisory services to a wide range of Australian and international clients including major banks, regulators and government policy advisers. One product, Apollo, is still used by major banks and is used to structure the financing of large infrastructure projects.

In 2009, they started to look to their own financial affairs and after learning about all the complex rules for super, tax and the pension, they realised it was another problem they could solve with optimisation. So they used their extensive experience in mathematical optimisation and long-term financial modelling to develop a financial strategy development software called Optimo Pathfinder.

We believe that Optimo Pathfinder brings an innovative perspective to the challenges of financial planning and is the only financial planning software that can create Strategy Papers that are optimised and comprehensive.

Today, Optimo Pathfinder is available directly online and through our paraplanning Strategy Development Services (SDS).