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Working with Partners

We realise that Optimo Pathfinder works best when connected to complimentary partners. For this reason we started building a partner API.  We currently have an incoming partner API available (data can be pushed from 3rd party platforms to Pathfinder) and are working on an outgoing (export) API.  We expect the outgoing API to be released soon.

We welcome other financial tools such as CRM's, Data Capture tools etc. to connect with Pathfinder. If your product could benefit from having an API connection with Pathfinder, please contact us to discuss the options available or apply for a partner API licence below.

Active Partners

Plannerpad from Datapad

Plannerpad is the most efficient way to streamline your fact-finding process, complete with documents collection & Optimo Pathfinder integration.

Partner API for Developers

About the Developer Program
The Developer Program is an API service for the Pathfinder Online Application Service.

There are two API environments available for developers.

  • The Production environment is where all the modelling occurs.
  • For testing, a Sandbox environment is available to check logic and confirm that call operations function correctly. The Sandbox environment is completely standalone and cannot be connected to the Production environment.

You can read the technical details here.

How to Sign-up

Sign up for the API Developer Key on this page. A specialist will review the request and reach back out to discuss your objectives. After your company account is approved, a follow-up email provides access details.

When API access is provisioned, a separate email will provide your:

Organization ID
Developer Key
API Endpoint URL

NOTE: at this stage the API only covers an incoming API allowing your data to be fed into Optimo Pathfinder in preparation of doing the modelling. We are working on an export API in which the results can be send to your platform of choice.

Apply for Partner API

The Developer Program is an API service for the Pathfinder Online application services. 

After submission a representative from Optimo Financial Pty Ltd will contact you to discuss your objectives.

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