PRESS RELEASE: Great New Features Added to Optimo's Online Robo-Strategy Platform



Optimo Financial has today released a new version of its Pathfinder Online platform, which includes modelling options for Insurance Bonds.

Insurance bonds can be a useful way of saving for future large investments, particularly if the persons involved have a marginal tax rate greater than 30%. They are growing in popularity as an investment vehicle since the recent changes and caps introduced to the Superannuation legislation have closed off opportunities in super.

“Insurance Bonds and SMSF modelling have been the two features which have most frequently been requested by our clients,” said Hugh Bannister, Optimo Financial’s CEO. “Adding insurance bonds to our online robo-strategy modelling has been a welcome update to our existing offering.”

Pathfinder automatically provides guidance on concessional and non-concessional super contributions. Pathfinder also alerts you to schemes such as spouse super contribution, co-contribution and use of unused concessional super caps.

The next expansion will be to incorporate SMSFs into the online robo-strategy modelling platform.

“Currently we offer SMSF modelling as part of the offline services we provide to our clients”, Mr Bannister said. “However, we want this feature available on our online robo-strategy platform. Our aim is to make financial plan preparations as easy as possible.”

You can try Optimo Pathfinder free of charge! Simply sign up and receive full access to one case for 90 days.

Optimo Pathfinder is especially suitable for financial advisers and paraplanners who are focused on providing the best possible financial strategies for their clients.