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Dec / 14 / 2018 admin
NEWS: Pathfinder Update - Coloured charts added

Our charts are now in colour - this is our new standard. They are also in your Strategy Documents.

Aug / 09 / 2018 admin
NEWS: Pathfinder update release Mawson

This release is the first in a series where we will be improving the results documents.

Jun / 26 / 2018 admin
CASE STUDY: Getting Money Into Super

There are many ways of building your super balance, each subject to rules and limitations on how they operate. Pathfinder can provide a prime strategy to guide you through the maze of possibilities.

Apr / 11 / 2018 admin
PRESS RELEASE - Optimo Expands its Platform with SMSF Modelling

Optimo Financial has launched the latest version of its paraplanning software, Pathfinder, which includes SMSF modelling in Beta.

Feb / 27 / 2018 admin
Case Study - How long term projections can help clients prioritise their goals

When your clients have competing goals and not much cash to spare, the idea that "We cannot do everything at once, but we can do something at once" comes to mind. So, then the question is, how do we chose what to do at once, and what can wait until later?

Dec / 13 / 2017 admin
Case Study - Insurance Bonds - Planning for Education Expenses

Ray and Kathy have two young children and want to plan to have enough funds set aside for their expected large education expenses once the children move to secondary school and thence university.

Dec / 12 / 2017 admin
Press Release: Great New Features Added To Optimo’s Online Robo-Strategy Platform

Optimo Financial has today released a new version of its Pathfinder Online platform, which includes modelling options for Insurance Bonds

Sep / 05 / 2017 admin
Case Study - Do Your Sums Before Downsizing

A popular subject often talked about at family barbecues is; "should mum and dad downsize when they get older?" Often it's assumed that downsizing is the best option moving forward.

Sep / 05 / 2017 admin
Case Study - The Retirement Trap

Two recurring themes that frequently arise when discussing retirement policy are whether people have sufficient incentive to save for their own retirement and even if they do, will retirees subsequently splurge all their savings on holidays, home, a new car etc and then live off the age pension.

Aug / 17 / 2017 admin
We Want Your Feedback

The Optimo Team loves getting feedback. We share it with other team members, we print it off for future reference and sometimes it causes someone to run across the office just to give a high five.

Jul / 07 / 2017 admin
Press release: Optimo’s Robo-Strategy Platform goes into production

Optimo Financial releases a new online platform to help financial advisers provide clients with holistic, optimised financial strategies.

Feb / 21 / 2017 admin
Optimo Releases Super Changes

Optimo Financial has released the new super changes in its Pathfinder Online strategy modelling software.